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Chocolate Strawberry Fruit Pearls 12ct

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$14.00 each This is a Best Value! Products ship in coolers that contain 4 or 8 cases so you are saving on shipping costs. Discounts span products so you can get this value with any combination of flavors.
Add Qty6 $15.00 each
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$15.50 each This is a Best Value! Products ship in coolers that contain 4 or 8 cases so you are saving on shipping costs. Discounts span products so you can get this value with any combination of flavors.
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Add Qty2 $18.50 each
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Case of 12 Frozen Fruit Pearls Cups (90g ea.)

Is there anything more tempting than a beautiful ripe red strawberry dipped in rich chocolate and shared with a loved one? Perhaps a frozen variety mixed with flavor bursting Orange Pearls. Give in to the temptation. Sharing is strictly optional!

Fruit Pearls® take you on an unexpected vacation to an exotic tropical paradise. This all-natural blend of flash-frozen oranges and tangerines are mixed with beads of tantalizing fruit purees and juices, yogurts and chocolates. It’s the best of nature in a refreshing preservative-free, guilt-free, low-calorie frozen snack. Transport yourself with one of our irresistible flavors: Banana Berry, Chocolate Strawberry, Guava Mango, Strawberry, Tropical, or Wild Berries & Cream.

For the ultimate taste experience, thaw Fruit Pearls® slightly before eating.


Current Reviews: 5
Product Reviews
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Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Barbara Lundy on 06/02/2013
I discovered this delightful treat when my husband took my great-grandson to the grocery store and little guy picked it out. He didn't like it and so I tried it and WOW! I was so impressed I kept going back to the store and buying more. One day recently I noticed the store had them in another loation at a reduced price. They told me they were closing them out. I was so distressed that I bought all they had left. Now I don't know where I can buy them locally. Glad to learn I can order them online. This "goodie" has replaced the bowl of ice cream I used to eat at night and I have actually lost weight! I love it. I'm afaid if I order another flavor I won't like it as well as the Chocolate-Strawberry so I think I'll stick to that. Thank you for a great-tasting, refreshing snack.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Cindy Calhoun on 04/28/2011
I tasted this for the first time during a 2011 spring break trip to Florida -- I purchased it from a vending machine at one of the rest stops. The rating needs to extend beyond just "GOOD" it was OUTSTANDING and I give it a WOW!!! Very refreshing, tasty, and cooling on a hot day. It was a nice size. It is also so much healthier than the ice cream that I was planning to get from the machine. A great product that I hope to see in other parts of the country. My husband even liked it and he's not normally a fruit eater... there was enough chocolate flavor to make it seem like dessert. Thanks for a great product. I'm going to order for home and hope my freezer can keep them cold enough.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Carolyn Harris on 06/23/2010
I am truly addicted to each and every pearl product that I have tried. I believe I have tried them all. My husband says I should be a spokesperson as I talk about "the pearls" all the time. I am on my second order. Wish I could find them closer to home.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Colleen Reynolds on 03/31/2009
This is my favorite Fruit-Pearls product. I've heard that they opened another distribution center so that costs have dropped dramatically for shipping. You can get some of these for under $1.50 a piece!
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!

Submited By: Cindy Minor on 03/15/2009
My family & I were in Florida for a wedding the week after Thanksgiving in 2008 & stopped at the Dundee Citrus stand. We happened to see these in cooler & each bought one. OH MY GOSH were they good! We LOVED them - just wish they were closer to us here in Ohio so shipping wasn't so much.
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