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All Natural Fruit Pearls

Perfect for School Lunches

Need a Healthy Item for your school lunch program that the kids will LOVE!

New Fruit-Pearls 1/2 Cup perfectly sized for school lunch programs and healthcare providers. Made with real oranges with no sugar added. All Natural, Milk Free and Gluten Free! Click HERE for details.
Natural Products Marketplace Blog
"Similar-looking to Dippin' Dots, all-natural Fruit Pearls are made with frozen pieces of citrus and tiny, frozen fruit and yogurt balls. It's extremely refreshing and the yogurt adds the sweetness and creaminess of ice cream without all the added fat and sugar." -Natural Products Marketplace
Glamour Health & Fitness Blog
"So, one company took the concept of ice cream and the health factor of fruit and turned it into a winner: Fruit Pearls." "You're sneaking in a bit more fruit into your diet, and these little cups average out at about 65 calories per serving." -Glamour
Glamour Health & Fitness Blog
Watch your back, Dippin' Dots. This product is hot on your tail and even better. Picture little frozen orange pulp bits rattling around with pearls of frozen fruit puree and sometimes... chocolate! The Chocolate Strawberry is pretty AWESOME. -Hungry Girl on Yahoo!Food
Northern Virginia Magazine article Summer\'s Bounty
Fruit Pearls - "each pastel-colored pellet releases a torrent of exotic flavors"
"Yet the chocolate-strawberry mix (a sweet-bitter partnership) seemed to disappear before a single kernel could thaw." - NorthernVirginia Magazine


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